Wednesday, August 03, 2005


So here I am in Amsterdam. It is unseasonably cold and wet. The rain just came in and it's 15C. When I left Croatia it was about 40C. It's nice to not be so hot but it is a big shift in weather.

When I got here yesterday Zjef from the SupperClub emailed me and asked me to play tonight so Steve and I will head down to the club a little early, get a meal and do soundcheck. It's nice that it worked out this way. Now I have my rides to and from the airport covered in expenses and the rest will be play money for Amsterdam. If I'm lucky, I might even be able to take some extra cash home with me. Not bad for my first European tour. :)

The last time I was here in Amsterdam, I got to see a lot of the city so this time I plan on checking out some museums. I've been wanting to see the Van Gough museum, so I think I will go there tomorrow. Sadly, I only have one day of sight seeing in Amsterdam and the rest of the time I will be doing gigs. Hopfully after my show tonight, I will be able to make it to see a live band play. The bands name is Plastik and they are a live broken beat/hip-hop group that has a live drummer and singer. It would be nice to check out as much live music as I can while I'm here.


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