Friday, August 05, 2005

One gig down two more to go...

So Steve and I played the Supperclub Wednesday night. It was a really good show but there was some juju with my first set. Somehow both my violin and cello were not going through the main system. They were set on two different channels and neither of them worked. We had to stop the music and I had to fix everything and then re-do our first set.

The Supperclub likes the musicians to do two different sets and only 15 minutes long. Each set is done with a course of the meal and then a DJ plays the rest of the night. People really enjoyed the music and we had an entire group in the audience clapping and dancing to the music. It was a nice shift from playing in San Francisco where people just stare at the stage. In all honesty, I really like playing two short sets. It keeps people interested in the music and you have the full attention of the audience for the time that you perform.

Tonight I play at Nomads which is a restaurant owned by the Supperclub and then tomorrow I play the Supperclub Cruise. It will be an interesting night because Saturday is Gay Pride in Amsterdam so the streets will be filled with thousands of people.


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