Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Another year another journey

So, I forgot about this blog last year and did not keep up with the blog but at the request of friends and family I will be posting again on this blog for my 2007 tour.

The summer has started off lovely with two shows on the West Coast. Lightning in a Bottle in May and emerg-n-see last weekend.

Emerg-n-see was a wonderful time. We had several of the Native State artists in our home for the week and had lovely meals and a couple of memorable jams with the baby grand piano, the fun machine and the cello. We also had a field trip to the museum the last day to see the Body Worlds Exhibit. Words can not describe what it is like to see preserved humans and all their body parts labeled and placed out for the public to see.

Body Worlds Exhibit

Today in three hours, I hop on a plane to Colorado for a festival called Sonic Bloom. My dear friend Allison will be picking me up from the airport. I find it proper that I get to start this stretch of my journey with Allison. She was there in Croatia on my 2005 tour and we have traveled Europe together several times. A tour would not be the same if I was not able to enjoy some of it with Alison.

So here it is, the beginning of 5 weeks on the road. first stop Colorado, Santa Cruz, London, Paris, London and back. I will have two weeks to recover and then up to Canada for a week.

Wish me luck and I will be posting pictures and more stories soon.

I love you all and hope your summer is a blast.